• Special limited edition anniversary coins

    This has been a tremendous year for the Numismatic community. The United States mint presented us with a remarkable class of coinage for 2016. Being considered one of the biggest anniversary years in modern coin history, demand for special limited edition anniversary coins have been at parabolic levels.

    For starters, this year the United States Mint, for the first time in history, revived three iconic coin designs for their centennial anniversary. The first to be released was the classic design from Adolph Weinman’s Winged Liberty, commonly referred to as the Mercury Dime. This coin struck in 24k gold, and had a tremendous opening sale, completely selling out in only 41 minutes. Demand was so strong, the United States mint elected to limit the purchase of the Standing Liberty Quarter, the second example of the 24k gold centennial anniversary set, to only 1 per household. With that limitation, the coin still sold almost half of the total 100,000 coins being released. With this type of immediate demand, there’s no doubt this trend continues for the final coin being released on November 17th, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

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